On stage or on screen

The most memorable speakers? The ones that leave your audience feeling inspired to take action. Nikki's unique background in media, marketing and advocacy makes her an incredible fit for all audience types – professionals, leaders, community change makers, and even every day citizens. 


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Watchdogs: Embrace your role in building stronger, safer communities

In February 2020, Nikki got the text that would change her life forever: her children were poisoned at daycare. Be inspired by Nikki's journey from everyday mom to activist and law changer – as she helps every day citizens see how and why we're all accountable for being watchdogs in our communities.

THIS TOPIC IS IDEAL FOR: Everyday citizens + parents, community builders, organizations that want to get involved in their communities in a more meaningful way, public servants, journalists, safety organizations, student leaders.

Available in 30, 45 and 60 min formats.


Capture Your Story: How to use intentional content to grow your business

Somewhere along the way, marketing became about algorithms and templates – losing a brand's unique story in the process. Using her insights and experiences from over 20 years in the marketing, advertising, editorial and strategy space, Nikki walks audiences through a sustainable, authentic way to share stories for personal, professional and corporate brands. This is an interactive, results-producing workshop. Attendees will leave with brainstormed ideas they can immediately implement into their business.

THIS TOPIC IS IDEAL FOR: Personal & professional brands, women visionaries, entrepreneurs, coaches + consultants, agents, corporate brands that want to focus on story (not widget), sales professionals.

Available in 60 min, 90 min, 3 hour formats.

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