• Nikki James Zellner

The woods are calling

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

Slow down. Live light. Do things that fulfill us. Surround ourselves with those who grow and support us. Unload all the extra 'stuff' we've carried around for too long and take with us only the barest necessities for survival and comfort.

Does this sound like heaven to you?

It's a constant tension in life – what others are doing vs. what we think we have to do vs. what we want to do.

Over time, many will become sick of that rat race. And those are my ideal clients.

One day, they'll stop filling their Instagram feed with products they'll never buy, lifestyle bloggers who infuriate them more than inspire them.

They'll stop buying the proven XYZ formula to success.

They'll stop filling their home with the sh*t they don't need.

They'll stop filling their body regularly with STIKY stuff (FYI, that's stuff that is killing you).

And they'll look for a like-minded community to support them as they make this change.

I had been on this path for many years, I just didn't know it.

Little by little, I was becoming more disconnected from the mainstream. And I was becoming more and more comfortable saying no. In life and in business.

I slowly withdrew from the networking happy hours.

I let go of negative energy relationships one at a time – family, friends, clients – there was no group untouched.

I blew up a ladder-climbing corporate career for a business model I could design, control and fill with the exact kind of folks I wanted to work with.

And I realized, so many of us start out by going 'camping' before committing to a life in the woods.

We remove ourselves from the chaos for a short time, with every intention of coming back into the throes of what's making us miserable a few days later.

Going through the motions of doing the work, without actually doing it.

But there comes a time where you say to yourself: "It's time."

Time to stop half-assing it, and time to start committing to long-term changes.

And something shifts.

You start seeking out those on the same path to self-discovery and personal purpose.

You start self-reflecting, journaling more, spending more time with yourself and your inner voice.

You start doing things for you – the things that make you feel whole, complete, alive. You stop 'camping' and start spending more and more time developing this purpose. More and more time listening to this inner voice.

And this starts to come across in your personal life, in your professional life, and relationships. You're blooming and purposeful, even when there are events in your life that could tear you down.

And this is where you realize, you need no one's permission to live life in the woods.

But how do we do that, exactly?

  1. You have to find your basecamp - what are those things that are core to you that you will take with you everywhere you go to guide you; your character, values and purpose

  2. You have to set your boundaries - what actions and behaviors will you implement to keep you focused on living your richest life

  3. You have to connect intentionally - who are you open to taking with you on this journey; where and how are you going to spend your time

  4. You have to set good fires - how will you know when it's time to burn something down (internally or externally) so something else can grow stronger

Living life in the woods is the foundation on which my business, and life, is now built. It still takes work. Every day. Life is rich, even if my bank account is small. And that is success to me.

If you're on a journey of finding out how the stories you tell internally and externally impact who you attract and how you flourish in life and in business – I'd be honored to know you.

More to come.

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