Ready to create content that truly connects?

Let Nikki introduce you to intentional content.

What is intentional content exactly?

Authentic visual, written, and moving stories that help you connect more deeply with your desired audience, reveal your true self, and manifest your vision.

Who do I work with?

Here's a
peek at some of the incredible female visionaries who've trusted me in guiding them to identify, organize and give feedback on the stories they're sharing with the world – in person, online and on air.

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The Guidebook

Ready to "Capture Your Story"? The book I've been working on for 3 years releases Q4 of 2022!

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Meet Nikki

"I've got limited time on this Earth. I'm not wasting it on fake nails and Real Housewives." - Nikki James Zellner

Hi, I'm Nikki. And I'm a Content Strategist.

No, not a social media manager. No, not a copywriter. No, not a therapist. No, not a web designer. No, not a business coach.

I'm the person you call on to help you discover, understand and organize your story – so you can share the real one with the world.


And before you go out and pay someone to distribute and package your story – you need to know what it is first.

So, hey, uh... that's me. I help you do that.

My ideal clients? Badass, lady visionaries that are interested in sharing who THEY ARE and who and what they CARE ABOUT. They're less interested in the bottom line and more interested in doing things from a place of heart-centered purpose.

My clients often pay me for candid feedback. NOT to do things for them. 

Many times, these women have been driving other brands for so long – they're taking a step back and ready to share their own perspective and voice, and get closer to changing the world the way THEY want to.

Ready to do this thing? Let's chat.