visionaries + leaders

to use intentional

content to express their true selves, connect

more deeply and

change the world

Nikki James Zellner,

Content Strategist + Activist

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Here's a peek at some of the incredible female visionaries who've trusted me to help organize and clarify their stories...

Justine Evirs client headshot

Justine Evirs

Host, Writer and Social Entrepreneur

Focusing on Underserved Populations

A powerhouse innovator and visionary, Justine Evirs is on a mission to inspire people to use the power of innovation to defy the odds. A Navy veteran, Navy spouse, and first generation college graduate and champion for equality – she's creating and leading businesses + communities around getting as many people who look + think differently out in front.

Learn more about Justine.

Jaime Chapman client headshot

Jaime Chapman

Award-winning founder, speaker + author

and Military Spouse Employment Champion

An Army veteran and award-winning military spouse, Jaime Chapman believes in the power of breaking your own glass ceiling. In addition to being a published author and keynote speaker, she founded Begin Within, where she connects high-performing members of the military community with roles in the defense contracting industry and

is the COO + co-founder of the Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce.

Learn more about Jaime.

MaryBeth Hyland client headshot

MaryBeth Hyland

Global Mindfulness + Meditation Leader

in Values-Based Mindfulness Space

MaryBeth Hyland has worked to create environments where people thrive – at work, at home and within. A seasoned keynote speaker, panelist, national media contributor and workshop/retreat facilitator – she has spoken alongside Deepak Chopra and is a featured teacher on Insight Timer, the world's #1 meditation app having an international influence on mind, body + spirit.

Learn more about MaryBeth.

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Meet Nikki

"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

I believe in moments. In stories. In impact. In finding that thing that is meant FOR you, so that you can GIFT IT to the world, and CREATE change.


You can typically find me:

- in the woods hiking

- surrounding myself with or creating art

- making a ruckus when it comes to

 children's safety and well-being

It was a long road to find this perfect spot – this spot of helping visionaries, creatives and change makers tell their stories BETTER, so they can have a stronger impact on the world, and do more of what they were MEANT to do, not just what they're good at.

Side note: 

I love what assessments can reveal about the way we work and relate, so here's a little about me:

Clifton Strengths Top 5: Activator, Maximizer, Strategic, Learner, Input
DISC: Type I (Influential)
Enneagram: Type 9 (Negotiator)
Myers-Briggs: ENFJ (The Protagonist)